All about Japanese car giant - Toyota


Toyota is a Japanese automobile manufacturer which was founded in 1937. A year earlier, under Toyota Industries, the first passenger car was created – the Toyota AA.

The company’s small vehicles were sold under the brand Toyopet from 1947, and now they sell some of the most popular small cars with the Toyota Yaris Car which was a top 10 seller in the UK in 2014

However 10 years later on entering the American market, the name was not well received and was soon dropped for the original Toyota brand. Toyopet continued for several years after in other markets though.

With the impact on profits of high tax, the company began building plants in the US by the 1980s.

Following on from growing success and increased sales, the company launched its luxury division, Lexus, in 1989.

In the early 1990s the company began branching out in terms of the cars it was producing. The main focus of Toyota had been compact cars but now they were starting to add larger and more luxurious cars to the lineup.

In 1999 Toyota listed itself on both the London and New York Stock Exchanges.

The company entered a Formula 1 team with Citroen and Peugeot in 2002.

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